Match Report
Bedford Modern School Boys-U12B vs  Hitchin Boys' School
On: Saturday, 05 Oct 2019
Venue: at Home

On 5th October 2019, the U12Bs played Hitchin Boys' School. They won the toss and decided to receive. We managed to get the ball from them and managed to score a try early in the match. After that we did not play as well as we wanted to and kept on losing the ball in the tackle. They Hitchin managed to score twice. There was about 5 minutes left of the first half and we tried to score but kept on losing the ball in the breakdown. When we didn't have the ball, we were very good in defense and kept on winning the ball back. It was then half time and the score was 2-1 to Hitchin.

Mr Bygraves had a talk with us about keeping the ball and not always trying to offload the ball. The second half started by Hitchin kicking the ball to us. We did some good passing down the line and managed to score. We then scored again making it 3-2 to BMS. We then got close to scoring, but we lost the ball again and they had a counter attack and managed to score. We then had a team talk and decided we needed to run forward with support so that they then could ruck over when we were tackled. After this we played really well managing to score 2 tries. With five minutes left we wanted to score another try. We came close twice but couldn't score. Then with 1 minute left of the match we finally scored. Finally we kicked the ball into touch to end the match.

The final score was 6-3 to us.

Edward Jackson