Match Report
Bedford Modern School Boys-U14A vs  Royal Hospital School
On: Saturday, 28 Sep 2019
Venue: at Home

Our first game was against the strong physical side of Oundle, the game started from them kicking it to us and the game was on its way. They were very strong In the scrum but we held up very easily, with our first try being ran round and in behind by Subomi Bankole, with Rafe Witheats conversion this put us up to 7-0. Oundle did not like this and had few big lads who liked to crash ball almost every time but we manged to put away another one before half time. It came to the second half and we kicked off strongly with the wind strongly in our favour, we managed to retrieve the ball off the restart kick but Oundle weren’t happy and put some strong tackles in. The didn’t let us score for most of that half but 5 minutes until the end we managed to carry one over with a nice run from Will Wilkins, with the help from the conversion it left the game finishing with a strong score of 19-0 to BMS. It was a very good win for us and we kept a promising clean sheet with fierce tackles, we now needed to bring that in to the next game.

This game was against Royal Hospital School, this side are not as physical but they make up for it with wheels on the outside. The game had started we were still recovering slightly from the last game but we fought hard. We got the ball quickly from the ruck and everyone shifted it quickly to Christian Heappey on the wing who got tackled by his opposing number but he went to ground early, and Kieran Perkins picked it quickly at nine popped it to Will Tinley who gave a flat pass to Rafe Witheat who dived in the corner for our first try of the game. And closely after our second came, with Subomi Bankole making a powerful run and breaking their line and had the pace to put in and under the posts and we converted well. This meant we were heading into half time 12-0 with not many signs of conceding. Starting the game once more we attacked well and on a hard line Rafe Witheat used his feet to put one over line once more. Royal Hospital school fought hard and we were on our line but a strong tackle from Charlie Bramwell won us the ball back and we kicked it back behind their defence with Subomi Bankole chasing and hitting the tackle. Then Marcus Gartcha pops it to Kieran Perkins and he gives it back inside to Marcus and he uses his pace to finish the game off nicely with a great win 24-0 to BMS. Another well deserved clean sheet for BMS putting us still undefeated, and ready for next week for another hard fight.

Kieran Perkins