Match Report
Bedford Modern School Boys-U12A vs  Stamford
On: Saturday, 21 Sep 2019
Venue: at Home

BMS started the game off with Stamford kicking and BMS receiving. Giving them a taste of our hard running. Early in the game our rucking was a bit sloppy, but it gradually got better.

It wasn’t long until we got our first try from when Charlie Perry dummied it and ran down the line, whilst being determined to get the try. Stamford weren’t letting us get too much ground their line speed was very good but it didn’t stop BMS.

We were able to rummage through a gap in their defense and get the try. After their choice of making us to kick, our line speed was brilliant and we managed to win the ball in the ruck from Ronan Perkins and Seb Witheat. At this point we kept on punching gaps securing the ruck and eventually getting the try we deserved. After that we started kicking a bit too much which led the game off to half time.

With a 3-0 lead to BMS Stamford were going to have to bring it back but I can’t say they weren’t putting up a fight, they were making us work for the glory. At this point both teams kept on trying to kick through gaps hoping it would work. At about 5 minutes into the second half we were spreading the ball more which payed off, from the ruck Charlie Perry passed it to Joe Mumford, then we shifted it all the way along the line then Seb did a pop to Ronan, then he popped it to Bertie and Bertie scored the try.

So once again we kicked off with a hard line speed, they kicked it back to us and a bit of a miss catch from BMS so they won the ball and went on with one of their big players who put us on our touch line and then they eventually got the try. Which made the score 4-1 to BMS.

But we kept our heads up and came back at them with an extraordinary try, where we were under pressure from Stamford’s good line speed, and Lorcuns outstanding idea to kick especially because we were in our own half. And Seb chases the ball like a mad man and gets the try! Which makes the score 5-1 to BMS.

But of course we didn’t stop there Teddy fought to get his try that he’s been wanting all game and he got it, from lovely hands from Charlie then Teddy smashed and got the try! The game was 6-1 but Stamford were still a very good team so they got another try that they deserved, we had been tackling them out to touch but they got the try by the skin of their teeth. Which made the score 6-2. With 2 minutes to go and the final whistle blew and everyone was exhausted it was a tough game with a few injuries but BMS pulled it out the bag.

With Lorcun getting man of the match which was well deserved his decision making was brilliant. Well done to all of BMS with the end score of 6-2.